Traditions in money transfer business is moving to the future of this world.


Money transfer is faster, cheaper, easier with a new generation of payment system!

Developments in the world of finance and technology, changing users’ payment habits. Which eliminates the need to use cash payment solutions, processes makes it faster and easier. CMT provides fastest, best available rate and safety advantages in physical and digital money transfer based on innovative payment services, robust platform, partner network and experiences. So we eliminate the need to use cash of people, making it faster and easier payment process. Traditional cash transfer; account from the account ,account to the cash, from cash to cash, from cash to account, from account to card, from card to account. from card to card and makes it possible to be able to account to the card.

Electronic money transfer is entering into our life by the law of 6493, General Manager of CMT (Onur Baran Caglar) appreciates as the major step in the way of going to cashless society. He said that: “The all kinds of money transfers take place easy, quickly and reliably by foregrounded the law of user security. With the new developments in the field Financial technology (fintech) and a new generation of payment systems, began to transform traditional payment process. We’re providing most economic and the fastest money transfer opportunity, with Electronic Money and Payment Service license and our next generation infrastructure. We started to deliver national and international money transfers to our customers with new open framework infrastructure . We will strengthen our position National and international smart money transfer point via our CMTHAN and CMTBANCO brands. In particular, we are the leader in the smart money transfers in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). In the near future, we will service from the mobile, the web, tablet, and IVR channels to our customers with “first mobile” vision. Moreover, easy access to the digital channel interfaces of the national and international money transfer would be the focus, beside that implementing payment account, card services, loyalty cards, shopping, make a difference in our service discounts and payment issues would be improved on that. We started in “Grand Bazar” (İmameli Han) for representing our concept HAN (economic and smart point) we will reach to money transfer service to whole sectors and citizens in all Anadolu part of Turkey.

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