CMT | Cash Money Transfer – 4.5 G of Payment market!

4-5G hizli-para-gonder

The first money from Lydia and the last money from CMT…

CMT with the vision- transport the traditional money transfer service to the omni-channel fund transfer for the future of the world of and the first space Electronic Money and Payment Service license, starting the changes from   General Manager, renewing the entire management team, infrastructure, software, business and legal affairs partners, the core system infrastructure, software, and all our integration. Now, we are ready for the big race.

Today’s game plan

As the phrase goes; while Car is on the way, we renewed the entire engine as management team, corporate identity, business partners, our agency, the core system infrastructure, software, and all our integration via healthy way. Now, we are ready for the big race.

After the transformation, first of all we are planning improve ourselves with our new infrastructure on existing customer portfolio of national and international money transfer payment account, in the issue of card services, loyalty, shopping, discounts and easy access to payment service from digital channels. We started in the World’s first financial and commercial center – “Grand Bazar” CMT HAN (İmameli HAN)‘continue keep tuned our structure and brand HAN (economic and smart point) we will reach to money transfer service to whole sectors and citizens in all Anadolu part of Turkey.

Tomorrow’s game plan

Our goals is to realize horizontally expansion of target segments, countries, products and services. After growthing in the field of our powerful muscle at the national and international money transfers, we will grow in the field by our brands CMTHAN that (branches and our structure Franchise) and CMTBANCO (Agent structure and kiosks).

Many national and regional retail, transportation, digital games, shopping, loyalty, discount and community trademarks want to collaborate with us on money transfer, collection, payment via virtual POS, card services and electronic money. With our new open platforms and the ecosystem, you will see the brand behind many of CMT’s trust and support.

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