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  • To be protected from people who do not know the purpose of earning money through scams and fraud suggest you do not send money to people.
  • CMT | CMT | Cash Money Transfer someone claiming to work on if he wants to pass your personal information to communicate with you, you will never share your information. Please note that the CMT | Cash Money Transfer that you never make a phone call asking for your personal information; An e-mail about it or it will send an SMS.
  • Be careful if you are asked to pay fees without getting any response. Evaluate carefully the possibility that it might be a scam.
  • Because you won a prize raffle stakes supposedly claiming that you need to transfer money to claim it, please note the prize or lottery company representatives. In this way, which requires you to wire to win a prize can only be an organization to regulate fraudulent contests that give nothing in return.
  • A team from your almaya foreign government officials to consider contrary to your desire and the money coming in large amounts from a foreign country who want to help with the transfer to your bank account via SMS or e-mail.
  • He searches by police, prosecutors or claiming to be a public servant and you pay attention to the person requesting money by using this characteristic. A public servant will never ask you to do money transfer by phone.
  • Self-diagnosis as public officials if they reach these people to your way to your credentials, even as these people. Because these individuals may have provided you with unlawfully in your credentials. If you encounter such a situation, notify the police immediately.
  • CMT | If you transfer money through Cash Money Transfer, it is your responsibility to verify the reputation and legitimacy of the other party.
  • Always keep confidential information about your money transfer transactions. If you believe that someone is trying to defraud you primarily with security forces in order to advance the CMT | Please contact the Cash Money Transfer.
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